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20+ Years of experience

Fashion is a science of putting into material fabric a creative concept of well-being expressed through styles of clothing and appearance. African fashion has in recent years seen an amazing revolution of new designs that have rsien to compete at international levels and earned its own place on every catwalks across the globe.

Samma collections is a company that has grown to be a successful International fashion house based in Burundi. Samma Collections has taken the beautiful colours of East africa fashion to the rest of the world.
Samma collections designs clothes from Burundian fabrics and it has been able to showcase the diversity and versatility of Burundian fashion touch. These collections strongly represent african renaissance in the domain of tendances and marks the rebirth of elegance, uniqueness And multiculture designs.
African fabrics have lately become a trend in the fashion industry therefore our inspiration comes from fabrics and artistic minds close to the Africa continent and skilled tot bring out the culture with it beautiful colors.
These collections are crfted to fit all kinds of shapes and shades for both male and female of any decent and cultural backgrounds.

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