Women’s Clothing Needs More Pockets, Do You Hear Us?!

Women’s Clothing Needs More Pockets, Do You Hear Us?!

Nowadays, much of the clothing in the women’s sections at specific shops lack the necessary means to carry objects.

I’m talking about the alarming lack of pockets in women’s clothing.
Yes, there are plenty of options to choose from when purchasing new clothes, but the fact remains that most of our dream clothes still lack that one necessity.

Reader, I ask you to entertain my deliberation for just a minute. Imagine this: You are in a shop. Your favourite clothing shop. You are looking for something in particular, although you can’t quite put your finger on what the thing is.

Suddenly, lit up at the opposite end of the shop with the spotlights of heaven, angelic choirs humming in the background, you see it. The perfect garment; it’s everything you had ever dreamed it would be… at least from where you can see.

You race over to the piece of clothing, your hair flowing out behind you in luscious locks as if there were a breeze, slow-motioned by the inexplicable nature of your unbridled joy.

You pull the garment down from the rack or shelf and lovingly clutch the fabric in your arms. And as you inspect the potential new addition to your wardrobe, you realise one thing, with a growing but inevitable sense of horror. The otherwise perfect piece of clothing lacks that one necessity; that one vital component of all clothing.




The fabric tumbles from your arms as you fall to the ground, inconsolable, as all your hopes and dreams come crashing down around you.

You despair in your isolation. Where would your phone go, your purse, your numerous plastic little cards? The ticket from the very first film you ever went to see that without pockets would've been left underneath your seat for the cleaner to later find and throw out, thereby losing the sentimentality of the experience forev-. Well, it may not be that dramatic, but I think you understand my point by now.

The point is that this subtle ploy to encourage women to buy handbags and the various other accessories required to function as an adult has disappointed many of us over the course of its existence, and is something we should not have to be frustrated by.

Why should we have to reach for the potential positions of pockets only to realise once again that we are reaching for something we have been deemed not worthy of? Why scramble into handbags to pull out Myki cards and loose change, when we could easily have pulled it out of our denied pockets?

Why should we have to stick our hands under our armpits and risk looking slightly ridiculous instead of warming them in our spacious pockets?

Although only a small issue in retail, it poses potentially big issues for the consumers of these products and puts these people in an uncomfortable situation at the best of times.

So, because we are worth the consideration of these small but useful essentials, say no to purchasing clothes without pockets and make use of the ones you have, for they are a dying breed.

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